Financial Services Technology

The FST group is solutions and/or technological services in focus on Finance, Banking, Insurance, Stock Exchange institutes which need specialty and expertise specific in this finance service sector. Key to success is to source and select mission critical application from proven, well-known Independent Software Vendor (ISV) then cook with methodology and our core team’s experiences in system and business process implementation. METLINK INFO GROUP penetrates explicitly into the market with the following solutions:

  • Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), ATM Switch and ATM Card System
  • Core Banking System (CBS) i.e. deposit, loan processing, KYC, CIF, etc.
  • Loan Origination System (LOS)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Payment Gateway
  • Debt Collection System
  • Hire Purchase / Leasing System
  • Co-operatives System

  • serving banking/finance/insurance customers
  • building financial security for corporates and industries
  • improving and enhancing internal processes for corporate efficiency
  • increasing highly-transactional computation capability for productivity improvement
  • enabling corporate competitiveness in product’s time to market with growth and sustainability
  • having system monitoring, alert and auditing system that is a strategic approach for corporate good governance